1*M Rockin-CB R Trinity" P Lamancha L1321228


Trinity" Here is a great looking lamancha! She has always shown well. Trinity is a granddaughter of ++*B GCH Quixote Kate's Kareem & a +*B SGCH Windysprings Monsoon Great granddaughter. . Trinity took Reserve grand Lamancha SR doe at the 07' ISDGA show in Boise ID in one ring and was first in her class two times.S at ince then Trinity has show strong just never quiet the top...at 9yrs old she is still standing strong...

4*M March Ranch Cherokee Design (Pure Lamancha) L1456636


Cher- Here is a really nice girl her only flaw is she can jump out or go under any pen man has made! She is a very nice dairy girl uphill long and level. Although a bit small for her age she is very well put together. She has a very nice productive udder too! Her dam is Wee Bitty & her sire is Wisdom.

3*M March Ranch Spider Rose (American lamancha) AL1497376


Spider is a great looking girl. She is very correct with an amazing set of feet and legs. Her dam is Summer and her sire is Wisdom. This girl got a LA of 87 VVVV a great score for a first freshener!!



Isabella is a great looking girl she is a smaller style lamancha but very correct and a very great milker!

Rockin-CB RZ Anshel -AL1513307

sire- *B Rockin-CB RY Zoren AL1472105

dam- Rockin-CB LSX Yentl L1446298
2*M Rockin-CB RY Zelotti AL1472985
sire-+*B SG Rockin-CB KTL Yreka L1458985
dam- 1*M SGCH Rockin-CB QP Roman Design
Rockin-CB LSA Bold Design 2 AL1576299
sire-*B Lucky*Star's RY Adam L1506310
dam-1*M SGCH Rockin-CB QP Roman Design AL1230589
Rockin-CB RZ Bling AL1576307
sire-*B Rockin-CB RY Zoren AL1472105
dam- SG Rockin-CB KTL Zaire L1472103

March ranch XE&ALA Akhiok- American Lamancha AL1507956

Akhiok - Is a very wide though out girl! from front to end she has a great chest and a great natural width between her hawks. In a class of 9 she was 1st at the ADGA Spokane Interstate fair. She freshend with a great udder and has made the cut to stay here for a long time!!!

sires sire- ++*B SG Tempo QK Notta Ross

Sire- *B Just as i am TR Xecutive

Sires dam- 7*M GCH Rockin-cb QM rebeckah

Dams sire- *B Rockin-CB KV Wisdom

Dam- March Ranch wizesk Alaska

Dams dam- 4*M T&L March's Ranch Lix Eskimo