SG 1*M T&L March's Ranch CC RavemWind" P Nubian N1373168

"Raven" This young lady is a very nice doe who screams dairy when you can get your hands on her. She is very correct in feet and has a great topline,front end assembly & very true to breed head. She has a great rear udder but could use a bit more fore. She is a great milker and has earned her star this year in milk production 08'. Our sweet Raven took best Nubian udder in show at the 2010 Spokane Interstate fair. Is 2011 she had her first LA and got a great score of EVEV 89 and also earned her SG- superiour genetics!

raven rear udder

SG 2*M T&L March's Ranch SecretDragon" P Nubian

Here is a girl who was a huge kid and shown in the top of her class everytime show. She got reserve grand Jr doeling Nubian at the ADGA Moses Lake, WA show this last year(06). She is dry. She did 1st in two rings of the ISDGA show and second in the other two. She also did 4th in a class of 13 at the Moses lake ADGA show this year (07).. Secret Freshened with a nice tight high up udder. She is milking great and will have her star this year in Milk production. She excelles in General apperence getting praises in this at every show. She only made it out to one show in each year 2008 & 2009 that was the Youth part of the Spokane fair and she took Best of Breed Nubian both shows 2011 update our wonderful girl had her first LA with a score of VVEV 88 and got her SG- superior genetics!!!!

2*M March Ranch RV Redwind (Pure Nubian) N1497377

Redwind was a girl slated to be sold. After a few shows and consistent good placing's Miriah decided to keep her. Her dam is Raven and her sire is Victory. she freshened with a very nice super high tight and wide udder, that is also very productive! her first dhia was 6.4lbs, 5.5bf, 3.6p. second test was 8.6lbs, 4.4bf, 3.1p.


Below redwind side and rear view

2*M March ranch AE Velvet (Pure Nubian) N1456640

Velvet is a very smoothly blended girl from one end to the other. She is very level too! She walks with a very natural width between the hocks on correct feet and legs. Her dam is Alysumm and her sir is Extreme.

SG 2*M Coffee Cup's Calico Castle" PB Nubian N1176606

Calico- She is as true to breed as they come a great head super long and tall, deep throughout. She is a great doe and has given us a great group of kids who can milk as well as her Calico is now 13 and still working super hard giving us great kids and milking each year.. here is the old girls udder  still holding up even after 12 yrs of milking..

2*M T&L March's Ranch Snaps Glory" Pure Nubian

Glory is one great looking girl. She has show in the top this entire year. She has gotten her JR. Leg this year at her first show. She is a very correct girl who has it all her mother is Alysumm who has also shown great this year getting one Reserve Grand Champion Nubian SR doe & Best udder. Her sire is Sir Snappy who has show first in 4 rings and 2nd in two rings of the 6 rings he has shown in also getting one Reserve Grand champion Nubian Buck. Her 1/2 brother Victory has gotten Jr. Grand Champion Nubian Buck in 4 of the six rings he has shown in also getting a Reserve Grand Champion Nubian Buck this season at the prime age of 2 /1/2 months!

glory side view

1*M T&L March's Ranch Alysumm" P Nubian N1277098

"Alysumm" Here is a girl who has one of the most perfect Nubian udders we have seen! (06') Taking Grand Champion SR. Nubian doe at The Spokane Interstate fair ADGA show. She took best udder in both rings at the Moses Lake, WA. ADGA show also. The year 2007 she took Reserve Grand champion Sr. Nubian doe in one ring & best udder of class in one ring. She is a fourth freshener this year and we are seeing some great stuff from her as her udder has just gotten bigger and better! . We have retained her 07 doe T&L March's Ranch Snaps Glory (who already has her Jr champion leg) . And this year 08 she gave three more breath taking does one is staying March Ranch AE Velvet. We have added a new picture of her udder at 10hrs in milk -less then a week fresh 2008! She has been bred to "Explosion" for Febuary 26th 09 kids ultrasound confirmed. Kids will be $450 buck or doe.

3*M March ranch V&E Silken


Sire- Explosion

A great looking girl who really came into her own this year 2013, we had thought about selling her so glad we didnt!!